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About Membership

Membership Guidelines

  • Membership applications are accepted throughout the year.
  • All members shall abide to the official Statutes of the WCFA organization.

Any natural or legal person may become a member if they are committed to the aims of the Association.

(Read also the official Statutes of the WCFA Association.)


WCFA stakeholders

  1. Founding members
  2. Executive Committee members
  3. Active members
  4. Honorary members

Founding members, Executive Committee members and honorary members are exempted from paying membership fees.

Requests to become a member must be addressed to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee admits new members and informs the General Assembly accordingly.

The Executive Committee defines the preconditions to become a honorary member and appoints new honorary members.


WCFA members' rights

  1. participation at the General Assembly
  2. possible election as member of the Executive Committee
  3. reduced participation fee for the World Communication Forum and regional events
  4. using the Association’s logo in their business activities


Membership termination

  1. on death of natural persons or dissolution of legal persons
  2. by written resignation thereby notifying the Executive Committee at least three months before the end of the financial year
  3. by exclusion ordered by the Executive Committee, for just cause, with a right of appeal to the General Assembly
  4. (Appeals must be lodged within 30 days of the Executive Committee’s decision being notified)
  5. for non-payment of dues for more than one year


In all cases the membership fee for the current year remains due.
Members who have resigned or who are excluded have no rights to any part of the Association’s assets.
Only the Association's assets may be used for obligations/commitments contracted in its name.
Members have no personal liability.