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Cesare Valli

Cesare Valli is the founder of the Create Value Consultancy firm and a partner at Quaery’s,an analysis of Turin University spin-off firm. Valli is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Cavalieri del Lavoro (Knigths of Labor), honored by the President of the Italian Republic. He is also Strategy and Communication Consultant for many Italian companies.

Valli has been the Account Director in FCB and the first Italian member of the Global Multinational Business Group at Chicago headquarter of FCB Group. He has also joined J.W. Thompson to develop a PR and communications department. Cesare has pioneered the first TV sponsorship in the largest TV channel in the country, as well as major sporting events. In 1988, he joined Hill+Knowlton Strategies as the CEO of Italian operations, becoming member of the European Management Committee.

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