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WCFA Travels Throughout America Visit the offices of the most important American political, PR, SM and educational organizations in Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco. Microsoft; Amazon; Nintendo; Boeing; Gates Foundation; Facebook's Seattle office and many more interesting spots on your way! Make new contacts and collect international experience with the colleagues from WCFA! DRAFT AGEDA: HERE REGISTRATION TERMS: HERE BOOK ONLINE NOW! >> HERE  » Read more
WCF’s 8-year story goes on! Join the next, 9th annual edition of: WORD COMMUNICATION FORUM - THE POWER OF COMMUNICATION Geneva, 21-22 March, 2018 To be held again in Geneva, continuing with persistence and perseverance to tap on the most important topics of the Global Communication Agenda and striving to unite an even larger and more diverse family of experts, top-rated speakers and communication industry specialists – for the sake of a better, more tolerant and strongly united world! You are welcome to join us! DRAFT AGENDA: HERE Communication > Mission: Possible! World Communication Forum (WCF) is a platform for hosting a series of professional events animated by the e... » Read more
WCFA Association's Annual Assembly20 March, 2018 (For WCFA members only!) Location: Geneva, SwitzerlnadVenue: to be announced! Association's agenda 2018 - voting and approval Board Elections 2018 - voting and approval  » Read more
WCFA travels throughout America with:Sean Gardner, Twitter millionaire*, SM influencer and Huffington Post blogger Modern communication was invented in the United States of America and from there it spread over the whole world. Those American guys have taught 7 billion people how to communicate because they are the best in this field. Now we are happy to offer you a unique opportunity! Learn more from the best American communicators on visiting them at their “homes bases”. Together with Sean Gardner, one of the most valuable and influential players of the social media world, you`ll visit the offices of the most important American political, PR, SM and educational organizations in New Y... » Read more
Optional Special Session: WCFA's Global Touch - at the PR Museum in New York! In cooperation with the PR Museum and Baruch College! A session dedicated to the global history of the public relations industry, held in partnership with the PR Museum in New York, on August 10, 2017. Shelley Spector, Director of the PR Museum, will share a few details about the development of the American PR industry and her own first steps as a PR professional in her homeland, the USA. Following: disscussion between WCFA experts from different countries on the key features of the formation and development of the PR market in their local state or region. Agenda: here Registration: here  » Read more
WCFA Global Touch | Fake News 2 events and 1 interview+coffee-chats: July-August, 2017Locations: South Africa, Brazil, Netherlands, Moscow   DISCUSSION on FAKE NEWSJuly 3, 2017, Cape Town, South Africa A critical discussion of Fake News in Our Time was held by the WCFA's member Solly Moeng on 3 July, 2017, at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. The discussion focused primarily on the following questions: What is Fake Media and how is it relevant in our South African media environment? How does it contribute to local socio-political discourse? What are its dangers and how can they be avoided or fought? What is your personal/organizational experience, if any,... » Read more
WCFA Executive Board 2017 Elections at the WCFA's annual assembly on 13 March! For just two years of existence and development, the World Communication Forum Association (WCFA) has attracted and unites a global family of individual and corporate members from 23 countries worldwide. On 13 March, 2017, the WCFA’s annual Assembly was held at the Novotel hotel in Geneva, Switzerland, with due elections of the organization’s Executive Board and President. Unanimously re-elected President of the WCFA is Yanina Dubeykovskkaya, with a mandate for 2 years! To read the full press-release and check who the other members of the board are, download the file below.  » Read more
WCFA Global Touch | Country Branding 4 events, Oct-Nov, 2016Locations: Russia, India, Turkey, Mexico First series of Global Touch local events, taking place in 2016, in 4 countries: Russia (Moscow), India (Mumbai), Turkey (Istanbul), and Mexico (Mexico), with a focus on “Country Branding”. The events were held within 24 Oct – 10 Nov, in the format of an open public discussion.The key conclusions are presented via video-interviews with the experts who took part in the discussions. The video materials feature the experts: Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri (Malaysia), Lorenzo Brufani (Italy), Solly Moeng (South Africa), Arin Saydam (Turkey), Galina Panina, Alexander Goryunov, Sergey Zverev, Va... » Read more
On 10 March, 2016, at the Davos Congress Centre, right after the 7th annual World Communication Forum, there was held the First Annual Assembly of the World Communication Forum Association, a young non-profit organization registered in 2014 in the city of Davos, Switzerland, with the purpose of creating a solid professional network for active support and contribution in favour of a successful future development of today’s global communications. The Assembly unanimously agreed to update theWCFA structure and launch its work in different professional initiatives, such as: Barnding, Design, Corporate Communications, CSR, and others, steered by Vice Presidents who areappointed by the WCFA Exe... » Read more