On behalf of the World Communications Forum Association, we invite you to enter the great Davos Communications Awards 2022. The communications business, one of the most dynamic and most transparent these days, really needs constant comparison with the competition, but also the highest recognition not only from the side of the clients but also by the international community. This is the most important mission of Davos Communications Awards. If you just take a brief look at the international jury you will find some of the world’s foremost public relations and communications professionals that you can be confident your entries will be judged absolutely professionally and independently. They bring a truly global perspective to ensure the awards genuinely represent the diversity of the public relations and communications profession. We look forward to seeing your entries and celebrating the contribution we all make to improving our environment, economy, and society.

Apply now and - we hope - win the most deserved award in your professional career. Make your clients and your team happy!
Amanda Coleman

Amanda Coleman

Jury Chair, Davos Communications Awards

Amanda Coleman
Maxim Behar

Maxim Behar

World Communications Forum Association

Maxim Behar

Why Enter

Modern business is highly competitive. Public communicators are everywhere, from one-person shops and boutique agencies to in-house teams and global agencies. Companies and individuals want a benchmark to see whether their projects and achievements are really competitive.

There are many reasons to participate in the Davos Communications Awards. Some of the most important are:
First - recognition of your creative efforts to achieve the best impact on businesses and organizations.  Your participation and winning will be appreciated by clients and employers and will increase your profile enormously.
Second – your work will be judged by a highly professional international jury with representatives from all over the world, with different experiences and different cultures, so your work will be benchmarked and rewarded on a global scale.
Third - in these difficult times when we rarely meet in person, it will be an enormous boost of the teamwork in your companies. It will unite your colleagues and give them an excellent opportunity to show what they achieved through the unpredictable and unusual 2020.

Welcome to the 2022 Davos Communications Awards, best of luck with your scores, and may the best entries win!

Award categories

The Davos Communication Awards recognize exceptional professional work by public relations and communications professionals from around the world. They are open to agencies, in-house teams and individuals from any sector to help celebrate and showcase professional excellence during a challenging year.

Campaigns Awards

These awards recognize the best public relations and communications campaigns in any sector, anywhere in the world.

Strategies and Programmes Awards

These awards recognize that much of the best public relations and communications work isn’t for one-off campaigns, but for long-term implementation of successful strategies and programs.

Organizations and Individuals Awards

These awards recognize the best public relations and communications professionals and companies anywhere in the world.

How To Write A Good Award Winning Entry


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