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Students Membership

Welcome to World Communications Forum Association!

If you are student and are not employed, please download the application form, fill it and send it to membership@wcfaglobal.com

There are plenty of advantages to become a WCFA student's member, please read the text below carefully! Also - you may have a possibility of interneship within WCFA and possible future employment in one of our corporate members. 

After The Global Executive Board approves your membership, please kind pay your annual fees either via PayPal or via bank transfer.

Thank you!

WCFA Membership Team  

Students Membership - 50 Euro

(only for full-time University students they could have paid internships and think they should still be allowed members if they are full time student) Paid  within 15 days after formal membership approval and valid for the calendar year the fee was paid.

Student WCFA members benefit from a valuable sharing of knowledge with leaders from the world's major public relations and communication management professional associations and Institutions around the world. Members get invites to exclusive networking meetings, private round tables with senior thought leaders, strategic introductions with other members, and invitations to the Annual WCFA Global Online Summits. Students will be able to share their questions, comments and content t on WCFA web site and also to participate in research organized by WCFA.

Students also may have the opportunity to work on original research for the WCFA in an unpaid internship arrangement and have the opportunity for mentorship through that process of senior PR and communication professional. Also, there may be opportunities to have internship or short-term assignments for agencies and organizations who are members of the WCFA> (are you suggesting internships here and if so that should be stated..and will they be paid or volunteer?


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