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WCFA Assembly 2016

WCFA Assembly 2016

On 10 March, 2016, at the Davos Congress Centre, right after the 7th annual World Communication Forum, there was held the First Annual Assembly of the World Communication Forum Association, a young non-profit organization registered in 2014 in the city of Davos, Switzerland, with the purpose of creating a solid professional network for active support and contribution in favour of a successful future development of today’s global communications.

The Assembly unanimously agreed to update theWCFA structure and launch its work in different professional initiatives, such as: Barnding, Design, Corporate Communications, CSR, and others, steered by Vice Presidents who areappointed by the WCFA Executive Board. Another direction of development: the active work of Country Ambassadors, also appointed by the Executive Board.

The 9 members of the Board from 2015 were unanimously re-elected, alongside with several newly-elected experts, some of whom also got appointed as VPs and Ambassadors.

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