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First Davos Online Communications Forum turned into great success

First Davos Online Communications Forum turned into great success

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World Communications Forum Organization was the organizer of a First Davos Online Communications Forum, which took place on Zoom April 2020 with 145 [participants from 41 countries. The title of the Summit was "Crisis in the societies, crisis in the industry" and discussed in details the current situation in the business globally.

"It was a great event and we were happy to have such a distinguished top professionals both as speakers and as participants. We have been doing Communications Forums in Davos, Switzerland for the past 10 years and they were always among main global PR, Marketing and Social Media events. Today - more than ever - it is important to keep together, to meet and to discuss, public communications are changing literally every day and we must keep an eye on that changes constantly "- Maxim Behar, WCFA President said

Among speakers of the event were David Gallagher (keynote speaker), US; Francis Ingham, UK; Nitin Mantri, India; Kim Sample, US; Solly Moeng, South Africa; Stuart Bruce, UK; Johna Burke, US; Cesare Valli, Italy,; Sergey Zverev, Russia; Jon-Hans Coetzer, Portugal; Andrea Corneli, Italy; Jacqueline Strayer, US and many others.

You can find the full program here:

Next Davos Online Summit is scheduled to take place second half of May 2020 also on Zoom.