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PR Masterclass on AI & Communications – June 6, 2023

PR Masterclass on AI & Communications – June 6, 2023

WCFA is hosting its next PR Masterclass led by the PR Futurist Stuart Bruce, Co-founder of Purposeful Relations and Founder/CEO of Stuart Bruce Associates, and Aaron Kwittken, Founder/CEO of PRophet and CEO of the Comms Tech Unit at Stagwell Marketing Cloud.

They will give their expertise on the topic "Communications Engineering: Almost Everything you Need to Know about Artificial Intelligence & Communications".

The Masterclass will take place on June 6, Tuesday at 2 p.m. Central European Time.
Everyone can join it for free on Zoom:

During the course Stuart and Aaron will highlight:
- What exactly is AI and how is it being used in communications today?
- How does generative AI work and what is a prompt engineer?
- What are the legal and ethical considerations to navigate and mitigate?
- What is a communications engineer and why does it matter?
- What kind of business impact will AI have on the agency business model?

Aaron Kwittken is founder and CEO of PRophet (, the first-ever generative and predictive AI SaaS platform designed by and for the PR community. He is also CEO of the Comms Tech Unit for the Stagwell Marketing Cloud, a suite of AI SaaS solutions for PR, social media, and content creators. Aaron is highly acclaimed industry leader base in the US, serial entrepreneur and seasoned corporate affairs and integrated communications strategist for more than 30 years. He was named PRovoke 2021 Innovator 25 and PR Week's 2022 Dashboard 25 for his comms-tech leadership and industry innovation.

Stuart Bruce is internationally recognized as a PR Futurist - a thinker and doer in modernized PR and communications. He is the co-founder of Purposeful Relations, providing digital transformation for PR, comms and corporate affairs. Stuart is also the founder of Stuart Bruce Associates, specializing in crisis communications and reputation management. Based in the UK, he has worked with more than 400 companies in over 50 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA and Asia Pacific. He is one of the world’s first PR bloggers and was listed in the PRWeek Power Book 2007-2011 of the UK’s top 1% of most influential PR people.