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Davos Communications Summit 2024 - April 11-12, Davos, Switzerland

Davos Communications Summit 2024 - April 11-12, Davos, Switzerland

Communication enthusiasts, industry leaders, and innovators are cordially invited to participate in the Davos Communications Summit 2024, organized by the World Communications Forum Association. Scheduled for April 11-12 in beautiful Davos, Switzerland, this exclusive event will delve into modern PR, the latest trends shaping the communication landscape.

To secure a seat, participation fees must be paid by February 15. With limited seats available, early registration is crucial. For further details and registration, please contact us at

Enjoy two days of knowledge exchange and networking opportunities with leading PR experts from each corner of the world!
Dive into enriching sessions on modern PR, coffee breaks, power lunches, welcome cocktail and a delightful Gala Dinner.

The summit's agenda and speakers will be soon available. Among the key areas of exploration are:

  • AI Revolution: Participants will gain valuable insights into how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing communication and reshaping various industries.
  • Modern PR: Mastering online platforms is essential in today's digital age. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn the latest techniques and strategies for effective digital public relations.
  • Data-driven Insights: In a world inundated with data, understanding how to harness insights for impactful communication strategies is crucial. This session will delve into tailoring communication strategies for maximum impact based on data-driven insights.

Participation fee for the summit is priced at 1,350 EUR, including Welcome Cocktail, 2-day conference, lunches, coffee breaks. There is additional special price for a Gala Dinner, which can be paid in package or separately from the conference.

*WCFA members enjoy a 20% discount on the participation fee, making this an exclusive opportunity for our global community that support and develop the industry. Thank you for your efforts and hard work!

Important Note: Video recordings of the Summit will be exclusively accessible to registered participants with paid tickets only. Online viewing and participating opportunities will not be available.