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Danijel Koletić: Communications for better or for worse

Danijel Koletić: Communications for better or for worse

Article by Danijel Koletić, globally awarded CEO, the winner of the Golden World Contribution Award (IPRE) for the sustainable development goal number 10 established by the United Nations – reducing inequalities.

Since there are people, just like nature, we all communicate in different frequencies, in different energies. There is a lot of mystery that we encounter in the communication process. All scientists of different scientific fields and disciplines have been connected for centuries and are constantly updating their knowledge and coming up with new solutions.

Just like the public relations industry in communication management processes, it comes up with different solutions and responses through different tactics, but it also imposes solutions in line with communication goals. Over the centuries and over the years we have witnessed various good communication messages that have connected the energy of the world and the frequencies of people in good and through positive messages have become an important factor in the perception of the human mind. Such as, the wedding of the British royal family, but also the death of a member of the Royal family that we are witnessing these days. There are the inevitable Olympics, Eurovision, Victoria's Secret fashion show, the World Cup, a man's trip to the moon and the beginning of man's acquaintance with life on Mars, as well as many other events that connect people globally or events that connect people with interest.

Unfortunately, we also have crisis situations that have stunned the world. In the first place are those crises that man cannot influence in our perception, but perhaps new technologies have opened up that possibility as well. These are crises caused by weather effects such as tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions that we are witnessing, but also those optimistic events when certain generations are witnesses, solar or lunar eclipses. We are also witnessing events created by man, against man, these are numerous wars, conflicts and all this due to certain interests far hidden from the public eye or simply historically caused by the desire to rule and conquer. We are witnessing an era in which global ego and financial interests transcend the individual, transcend man and nature even though we know all this and are aware of it. What can we change? Whether we change something, whether we are in a group of creators or in a group of observers, we are among those who are paid to create a good perception or a bad one. Did we fail the exam as humans or not? These are all questions for each of us. Each individual will find their code and their client in their energy. While some individuals and agencies will constantly work on positive things, some will network to communicate for a particular stakeholder and those bad things.

I am sure that every individual can do something local and even in a micro location within his street, his family, if he really wants to, and thus become part of the optimism, especially we who deal with communications. I always wonder what a blessing it is to have the knowledge that I have, and I believe all of you who carry within you the charisma of creation. Behind all of the above projects and many that I have not mentioned, there are communication consultants who create and provide a communication strategy or support. Communication experts, communicating certain messages in good or evil, may be a harder word, but it is ultimately part of the truth if we look at what certain projects or activities have brought to people.

What kind of article would this be if I didn’t end up asking who was behind the pandemic, bats or humans? Have we failed as human beings, have we connected globally as experts, have we reconciled, and are we waiting for freedom after we all get vaccinated globally? Does competition create a crisis between vaccine manufacturers? Is history repeating itself that gossip is the main source of news to people who are constantly supplementing stories about the quality of vaccines and just as always everyone understands everything? There are a lot of mysteries and questions behind every communication project, especially in a pandemic. Do we, who are managing communications, know the answers or will the real truth be revealed one day? But even if the truth is revealed, I wonder to whom it benefits. Does it matter today whether the war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq was created out of the interests of a certain group of people or out of truth? Were John F. Kennedy killed by his own people directly or through the mafia or through some "secret foreign organizations."

To try to conclude this series of questions, are social networks in the service of gathering information about each individual and his life habits or are they exclusively in the service of entertainment?

And so while some seek freedom, others control it, and we should or should be if anything communication professionals who have a certain responsibility, not only to the community but primarily to their soul.