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Ekaterina Movsesyan Becomes New Ceo of CROS

Ekaterina Movsesyan Becomes New Ceo of CROS

Ekaterina Movsesyan becomes the new CEO of CROS communications agency. She replaced Dmitry Kantor, who held the position for the past 11 years.

Ekaterina has been working in the communications industry for over 17 years. She joined CROS in 2010 as a project manager. As the Vice President and Deputy CEO, she was recently supervising complex communications projects, developed new business segments and was responsible for the implementation of the agency's development strategy.

In her new position, Ekaterina will focus on the agency's operational management and continue to work on the issues related to business development and strengthening of CROS expertise.

Sergey Zverev, CROS Chairman of the Board:
“I am grateful to Dmitry for his professional contribution to the agency's development and wish him success in his future endeavors. Today, thanks to his efforts, CROS is a steadily developing company that is on the verge of major changes, which will now be driven by Ekaterina. I am confident that her creativity, versatile experience, as well as colleagues' and clients' trust will allow us to make a qualitative leap forward."

Ekaterina Movsesyan, CROS Deputy CEO:
“This appointment is both a great honor for me and a serious professional challenge. The CROS brand has been a quality mark on the communication services market for many years, and this is really the best opportunity to prove myself in the field of corporate governance."

Dmitry Kantor, CROS CEO:
“CROS has been and remains one of the most successful and interesting projects on the Russian communications market. I was part of the team for 11 years, and most of this period we worked hand in hand with Ekaterina. I know Katya as a demanding professional, and thus, I consider her a perfect successor. I am leaving the agency riding high and in good hands, and I wish CROS good luck and new wins."