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Michael Schroeder: The times they are a-changin´

Michael Schroeder: The times they are a-changin´

Quote by Michael T. SchroederCEO of ORCA Affairs, SECNewgate/Germany, former IPREX Global President

Seldom before has there been so much change as there is today. Change has become a fundamental feature of our time. But – is this really something new? Isn't social change a typical feature of modernity? Today, however, we are dealing with processes and courses of change that were not so much the rule in the previous process of change in modernity, but rather the exception.

In the public sphere, and especially in the social sciences, this new era of transformation was primarily identified with the upheavals of 1989/90. What only a few suspected in 1989/90 is now becoming increasingly obvious: after the transformation is before the transformation, in the East as well as in the West and above all on a global level.

The suppression, delay and defense strategies paired with new conflicts and challenges such as accelerated communication through digital media have finally brought the requirements of the transformation onto the agenda of the 21st century.

However, only a socio-economic and cultural development model will be sustainable and able to "assert itself" over other models that realizes sustainability, efficiency and social cohesion at the macro level and more freedom, equality, democratic participation and communication under digital conditions as the basis of individual lifestyles.

It will be decisive whether a free and democratic society succeeds in determining the general framework and socio-cultural goals for the development of the community in the 21st century. Especially on a global level, the next 5 - 15 years will decide in which direction the "Great Transformation" will develop and whether it will be possible to solve the big problems of the 21st century - the energy, resource and climate issues, social issue, the issue of international security and cooperation, as well as free media. We also have to recognize connections, gain insights, follow discussions and form our own point of view as communication experts on this highly topical topic "Global Transformation - World Society - Sustainability, Justice, Solidarity".

In conclusion, I would like to hope that I have made a small contribution here, both to a better understanding of the ongoing, complex and often confusing processes of current social transformation and to have stimulated a discourse on the challenges in communication.