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Jacqueline Strayer: The 90-Second You℠…what a digital narrative can do for YOU!

Jacqueline Strayer: The 90-Second You℠…what a digital narrative can do for YOU!

Article by Jacqueline F. Strayer, marketing and communication thought leader, an elected officer of three global publicly traded Fortune 500 companies, graduate faculty member at NYU and Columbia University, and WCFA Board member.

Why a 90-Second You℠

As marketers and communication professionals we know that video is the preferred media channel to market products and services. Why not apply this to yourself? By creating a short and powerful piece you can create a lasting impression on your audience and have them walk away with an emotional connection to you. It can take many forms in terms of what you highlight, share and showcase about yourself.  But one thing is clear.  No one else can have YOUR 90-Second You℠! Here are the essential elements:

What is the 90-Second You℠?
- The 90-second video translates essential qualities and stories about you into a powerful unique digital narrative.
- It provides a multi- dimensional digital short form video to distinguish YOUR brand
- I created the brand, 90-Second You℠ initially to help my New York University graduate students get jobs/ internships during the pandemic and help them distinguish themselves in their career aspirations.
- There was so much interest from others outside of the academic community I applied for a trademark and it is a formalized process that is accessible and outcome -based.

How can YOU use the 90-Second You℠?
- It can be used to influence and connect with your stakeholders, audiences, organizations, and communities you care about
- It can be shared on social media sites, with your resume for that important job and to increase your sphere of influence.  
- You can use it to expand your leadership presence, connect with team members and use it in the virtual environment as a way of introduction to others. In fact, this can be done for each of your team members as a way of introduction in this remote work environment.
- It can fast track onboarding.
- You can use it as a way of introducing an important concept, a change management program, a position on an issue that you need engagement on, quickly simply and effectively.
- In fact, the applications of the 90-Secnd You℠ are endless

Why 90 seconds?
- Through our research we have determined it is the right amount of time to tell your story and distinguish yourself.
- The intent is to create an emotional connection with your audience so that you will leave a positive memorable impression. Each of us can do that in 90 seconds.
- Frequently there is a tendency to tell more than we need to…what is an important detail to you may not be one to your audience. Think like a stakeholder and tell the stories THEY want to hear!  

What does the 90-Second℠ You do for you?
The Five R’s….

- Makes you REAL
- Makes you RELATABLE
- Makes you RELEVANT
- Makes you REMARKABLE
- Make you be REMEMBERED
And it …
- Does it simply
- Does it clearly
- And is only yours to own……

Get started telling your story this way. The hard part is coming up your short form story and then identifying the accompanying images.  But it is worth it!  You will reap big dividends!

Jacqueline Strayer is a marketing and communication thought leader, arts and cultural enthusiast and world traveler. An elected officer of three global publicly traded Fortune 500 companies, she is a consultant, writer and graduate faculty member at NYU and Columbia University. She writes about the implications of contemporary issues on leadership, marketing, and communications.  Look for her soon to be launched podcast, People in THIS Moment℠ later this year. You can reach her at