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Ruepoint Joins WCFA as Corporate Member and Media Partner

Ruepoint Joins WCFA as Corporate Member and Media Partner

The World Communication Forum Association (WCFA) is thrilled to introduce its first global media intelligence partner, Ruepoint, a distinguished Irish-based enterprise committed to empowering PR and Communications professionals in navigating the media landscape with precision.

Together, WCFA and Ruepoint aim to drive innovation, foster knowledge sharing, and elevate the art of communication to new heights, benefiting professionals and organizations worldwide.

Maxim Behar, President of WCFA, said, "Ruepoint's impressive commitment to excellence align undoubtly with WCFA's mission to elevate the standards of global communication. As part of this dynamic partnership, we have exciting initiatives in the pipeline, including a website news column, an engaging LinkedIn newsletter, thought-provoking masterclasses, and insightful surveys, all designed to empower professionals with the latest industry trends and enable them to remain at the forefront of their field".

"We are honored to align with WCFA as a Corporate Member and Media Partner, further cementing our dedication to advancing the industry of media intelligence and communication practices on a global scale," added Raina Lazarova, Co-founder and COO of Ruepoint.

Ruepoint is a media intelligence business with a novel way of servicing PR teams in the search for a data-driven approach to decision-making. The company specializes in delivering comprehensive monitoring, measurement, and consultancy services to the Public Relations and communications sectors. Drawing upon over 15 years of expertise, Rupoint's team of professionals has delivered media intelligence solutions that help to adequately prepare tomorrow’s communicators for the challenges of navigating their brands in an increasingly dynamic environment. Operating across diverse geographies, including Ireland, the UK, and Europe, they have extensive experience in helping clients with the most complex challenges to build a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, scalable media intelligence solution.

Today, Ruepoint has more than 450 customers globally and has garnered strategic partnerships with esteemed industry organizations such as AMEC and FIBEP, underscoring their commitment to upholding the highest standards in communication evaluation and measurement.

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