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PR Masterclass on Effective Public Speak – January 16, 2 pm CET

PR Masterclass on Effective Public Speak – January 16, 2 pm CET

The World Communications Forum Association is hosting its next PR Masterclass led by Laura Baxter, the brain behind The Voice for Leadership. Laura, a powerhouse in leadership, opera, and coaching, is your go-to expert to supercharge your communication skills.

Under the compelling theme of "Effective Public Speaking: Delivering Impactful Messages To Your Audience", this masterclass promises to be an invaluable opportunity for participants to enhance their public speaking skills and make a lasting impression. Laura's not just any speaker – she's the expert you need.

Join us on January 16th at 2 p.m. CET for a session that's not just about speaking but making an impact.
Best part? It's free for all on Zoom:

*You can reserve your seat and register here

During the course Laura Baxter will give her expertise on:
- How to create a persuasive and impactful talk
- The secret to delivering a charismatic talk like a pro
- Know your audience: Intercultural aspects of giving a talk away from home
- The one main key to overcoming stage fright

Laura Baxter, with over 25 years of experience studying the effect of voice and body language on nonverbal communication and leadership, combines her skills to help clients communicate better and be more confident, authentic, and persuasive. As the author of several books, including "Dealing with Divas and Other Difficult Personalities: A Mindful Approach to Improving Relationships in Your Business or Organization!" she brings a mindful and holistic approach to effective communication.

In her work, Laura emphasizes that presence is the key to success – whether onstage, giving presentations, or dealing with others. With a rich background, including being on the voice faculty at Duke University and on the faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany, since 1999, she has proven herself as a seasoned expert in the field.

Laura Baxter's diverse career also includes being the singing voice for Faye Dunaway in the feature film "The Handmaid’s Tale." Recognized as one of Speakersʼ Excellenceʼs Top 100 Trainers in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, Ms. Baxter brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the upcoming PR Masterclass, ensuring participants gain valuable insights into the art of effective public speaking.