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Purposeful Relations Joins WCFA as Corporate Member

Purposeful Relations Joins WCFA as Corporate Member

The World Communications Forum Association is proud to announce the addition of Purposeful Relations as a new Corporate member. With an appreciation for ethical business practices and assisting companies in taking a stand on the social, political, and environmental concerns that impact our world, Purposeful Relations was established as a leading expert in the field of communications.

The London-based company is dedicated to helping internal teams, agencies, and consultancies operate better in communications, public relations, corporate affairs, and other areas, Purposeful Relations is a worldwide advisory and consulting organisation. Led by Stuart Bruce and Tim Bailey supported by world-class team of experts who are dedicated to sharing knowledge to help their customers achieve previously unheard-of levels of accomplishment. Stuart Bruce is part of WCFA’s Executive Comitee  and he is Regional President of WCFA for Europe

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