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Davos Communications Summit 2024 Gathered Top PR Leaders from All Continents

Davos Communications Summit 2024 Gathered Top PR Leaders from All Continents

The Davos Communications Summit 2024 turned into a great success, bringing together top PR leaders from across the globe to explore the transformative potential of AI in modern communications. Paul Holmes, the Founder and Chair of PRovoke Media, emphasized the urgency of integrating AI technologies into PR strategies, highlighting their pivotal role in shaping the future of public relations amidst the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

You can watch the video recording here:

Paul Holmes added: “AI is revolutionizing the landscape of public relations, and it’s imperative for PR professionals to integrate it into their content creation strategies. Embracing AI isn’t just about staying current; it’s about leading the charge in innovation and efficiency. Those who adapt and harness the power of AI will set the standard for the future of our industry. Additionally, we need to partner with governments, tech companies and financial institutions to build public trust in AI, ensuring that its benefits are widely understood and accepted.

Organized by the WCFA, the summit also featured discussions on cutting-edge data-driven strategies and emerging PR trends. Expert panels, comprising 14 speakers from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, engaged in dynamic dialogues on ethics, innovation, and the evolving PR landscape

Maxim Behar, WCFA President, expressed his enthusiasm about the event's success: “The Davos Communications Summit has once again proven its great capacity to unite the brightest minds in the communications industry. The valuable insights shared during this event have not only inspired our global community but also set a new standard for the future of PR and communications. Together, we are shaping the next era of our industry, driven by creativity, technology, and a commitment to excellence.

Speakers at the summit included Bart Verhulst, Co-founder of Presspage and partner of nuwacom, Catherine Fisette, Founder of Les Incorrigibles; Claire Simpson, Head of Growth at Hard Numbers, Darryl Sparey, Co-founder & Managing Director at Hard Numbers, Dr. Clarissa Muir, Lecturer and Researcher at the Department of Strategic Communication of University of Johannesburg; Dr. Craig Fleisher, Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin; Dr. Shannon Bowen, Professor at the Artificial Intelligence Institute, University of South Carolina; Imogen Osborne, Owner of The Pulse Business; Jared Meade, Senior Public Relations Strategist; Laura Baxter, Founder of The Voice of Leadership; Mai Anh Le, Regional Country Manager at Global PR Hub; Mary Beth West, Senior Strategist at Fletcher Marketing PR; Raina Lazarova, Co-Founder & COO of Ruepoint and AMEC Board Member; and Tim Bailey, Co-founder and Digital Futurist, Purposeful Relations.

Moderators included Mykolas Katkus, Partner at Fabula Rud Pedersen Group and Co-Founder of Repsense, Stuart Bruce, Co-Founder of Purposeful Relations and PR Futurist, and Thabisile Phumo, Executive VP & Head of Stakeholder Relations at Sibanye-Stillwater and PRISA Former President, who guided discussions on various facets of AI, data-driven strategies, and the latest PR trends.