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WCFA Welcomes Netprofile as a Corporate Member

WCFA Welcomes Netprofile as a Corporate Member

WCFA is pleased to welcome Netprofile as its newest Corporate Member. Founded by Christina Forsgård, the company stands as Finland’s leading technology-focused Marcom, PR, Social Media, and Crisis Communications Agency. Renowned for its successful track record in launching and supporting innovative companies, products, and services, Netprofile is committed to advancing responsible business practices and promoting equality and diversity within the industry.

Netprofile is known for its unique way of combining communication, marketing and technology expertise. Over the years, the company has won awards in numerous marketing and communications competitions both in Finland and internationally. The agency has been honored with nominations for Communications Agency of the Year, along with two Communications Consultants of the Year awards, and one Rising Star of the Year award.

To become a WCFA member, apply here.