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ORCA Affairs Joined WCFA

ORCA Affairs Joined WCFA

The Germany-based ORCA Affairs became a Corporate Member of the World Communication Forum Association, based in Davos, Switzerland, with a mission to apply its competence, creativity, performance, and integrity in the development of the modern public communications worldwide.

ORCA Affairs is a communications agency that develop public relations campaigns and participation processes with vision, curiosity, responsibility, initiative and personality. The agency applies its own particular personality in developing, managing, executing and assessing communications of sensitive topics related to politics and society for public institutions, interest groups, and corporations.

As an independent, owner-managed agency, part of the ORCA Group, ORCA Affairs attaches particular importance to trustworthy and stable relationships with customers, employees, and partners. In a fragmented communication environment, ORCA Affairs delivers orientation – controlled, implemented and evaluated.

Orca Affairs is also part of SEC Newgate, an integrated global network of communication, advocacy and research specialists.

ORCA Affairs Managing Director and Owner Michael Schroeder was among the speakers at the 2021 Davos Online Communications Summit, organized by the WCFA, which brought together over 425 leading experts in the field of public communications.

To become a WCFA member, please click here.