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Paul Holmes’ Davos Communications Summit Attracts CEOs from Global PR Companies

Paul Holmes’ Davos Communications Summit Attracts CEOs from Global PR Companies

Paul Holmes’ Davos Communications Summit on Zoom attracted C-suite executives and global experts in the field of public communications. The event turned into one of the world’s most successful online events to combine vision, expertise and guidance on the new post-pandemic world and the value-driven leadership. The summit, organized by the based in Davos, Switzerland World Communications Forum Association, was entitled “The Pace of Change Won’t Slow Down”.

Paul Holmes, Founder and Chair of PRovoke Media, is world-renowned PR guru who has spent more than 30 years studying, analyzing, and reporting on the global public relations industry. During the event he shared powerful learnings, diverse expertise and elevated the voices of those with lived experience among the high-profile attendees. His main focus was the transformation of public communications since the onset of the pandemic, the biggest drivers of this change, what to expect from the future of PR over the next years and how to adapt to ensure prosperity.

WCFA launched the Summit with the objective to deliver strategic insights and critical thoughts on key industry changes, bringing together professionals who had their line of work impacted by the pandemic or need guidance for future professional achievements.

Among the attendees were award-winning communications professionals, agencies and academics from Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Russia, Slovenia, United Kingdom and United States.

“We were happy and truly thankful to have the one-and-only Paul Holmes for such an interesting and knowledgeable session, part of the Online Davos Communications Forum today. Paul’s level of expertise and experience in the field of public communications is more than impressive and his insightful lecture was essential for all professionals in the PR industry. We have been together in Davos many years and I hope that next year we will meet again in Switzerland.”, said Maxim Behar, the President and one of the Founders of WCFA.

"Thank you to the World Communications Forum Association! You did more for the development of the PR profession from all corners of the world more than anybody I know. I put you up there with great societies like ICCO and all the other groups who are working to improve and add value to our profession, and you are a great ally and partner in that regard. It's impressive that you found a way to continue the Davos Communications Forum online and I hope we will be able to come back to live events and have nice conversations over coffee.", said Paul Holmes, Founder and Chair of PRovoke Media.

Watch full video record of Paul Holmes’ Online Summit here.

The President Maxim Behar also announced the Association’s upcoming project – the Davos Digital Awards, which will be opened for entries in August, 2021. Soon you can learn more about the awards on or contact us at