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The 2021 Davos Digital Awards Now Open for Entries

The 2021 Davos Digital Awards Now Open for Entries

The World Communications Forum Association is proud to introduce its new global Davos Digital Awards for 2021 to celebrate the very best in digital excellence across the globe, recognizing innovation, creative thinking, engagement and success in pioneering digital tools and virtual platforms in the development of game changing projects.

“Being part of the Davos Digital Awards is unique opportunity for all of us to review the best digital projects from all over the world - from viral campaigns to data-driven communication and more. It goes beyond just awarding winners – it is about interacting with incredibly talented professionals and showcasing digital milestones.” said the WCFA President Maxim Behar.

The awards are open for submission until 10 October 2021 on

Entries are accepted in 3 categories:
- Best Digital Project
- Best Digital Company
- Digital Guru of 2021

All categories are judged by an influential and respected international judging panel of experts from Armenia, Australia, Canada, France, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United States, and more, who will consider the excellence and effectiveness of communications digital work from across the world.

The judges will reward entries that demonstrate professional excellence with clear objectives, strategy, implementation and results, uphold ethical values, display creativity, imagination or innovation, show clear results and adhere to the Barcelona Principles.

Among them are the Jury Chair the European Commission National Campaigns Coordinator for Portugal Rui Martins, the PRophet Founder and CEO Aaron Kwittken, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Chief Digital Business Officer Aiza Azreen, the C. Moore Media Founder and Managing Director Claudine Moore, the Dejan Marketing Owner and Managing Director Dan Petrovic, the Genetikomm consultancy Co-Founder Eva Snijders, the Peterson Integrated Communications CEO Peter Mutie, the Communication and Marketing Strategist Rosanne Bourque, the BOD Consulting Managing Partner Saurabh Uboweja, the SPRING PR- Company Co-Founder Tatevik Simonyan, the IPAG Business School Paris Professor Vincent Dutot, the SEC Newgate CEE Founding Partner Zofia Bugajna and others.

The winners will be named during a virtual awarding ceremony in November 2021 and will receive professional certificate and a letter of recognition by the World Communications Forum Association, signed by the WCFA President Maxim Behar.

For more information about the Awards, visit or contact Maxim Behar, WCFA President, at or +359 888 50 31 13.