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WCFA Expands The Global Executive Board

WCFA Expands The Global Executive Board

At a recent online General Assembly 2020, members of the World Communication Forum Association, based in Davos, Switzerland, elected six new members to expand its Global Executive Board to ten members from around the world. Two of the previous five members did not renew their seats on the board but they will remain ordinary members of the association.

The expanded Global Executive Board is tasked with leading the Association through the next exciting phase of its global and programmatic expansion as most world economies begin to emerge from various levels of Covid-19 lockdowns.    

Led by the renown international PR Expert and author, Maxim Behar (Bulgaria), who takes on a fresh 3-year mandate as president, the new board boasts three Vice-Presidents: Solly Moeng (South Africa), Ganesh Chandrasekaran (India), and Jon-Hans Coetzer (Portugal).

Newly elected Board members are Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri (Malaysia), Clāra Ly-Le (Vietnam), Mina Nazari (Iran), Jacqueline Strayer (USA), Saurabh Uboweja (India) and Cesare Valli (Italy).

Yogesh Joshi, based in Mumbai, India, will act as an external Controller on key Executive Board matters.

“I am delighted to be working with our new Board who are global leaders and experts in the areas of public relations, communications and education.  I am confident that as we embark into a world and a global economy that are still finding their feet again, following months of lockdowns, we will bring the focus and professionalism our organization and our members require, "Association president Behar commented. “We, as a Global Executive Board, are committed to create new and meaningful ways to engage our global members, their clients, and stakeholders using digital platforms that will keep us connected in the near-term between our annual gatherings in Davos, Switzerland. Tomorrow is already here”, he added.