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WCFA Signs UNESCO Declaration on Responsible Communications

WCFA Signs UNESCO Declaration on Responsible Communications

The World Communications Forum Association has signed the International Declaration of Communications Professionals and Researchers for a Healthier, Viable, Better World, urging its members worldwide to use their communication expertise in response to the biggest threats of our time: the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change.

The Declaration was written by Orbicom, the international network of UNESCO Chairs in Communication, and launched during the Covid-19 global pandemic in six languages. It aims to establish a commitment of ethical responsibility in the field of information and communication for a better future that values and protects our nature and humanity.

We are proud to support this declaration and mobilize ourselves into a stronger community of communication professionals in the face of the most serious global crisis we have experienced in over a century. Now it is our responsibility to commit to ethical and trustworthy communication and use its power to ensure that no community in the world is forgotten,” said Maxim Behar, President of the WCFA.

By endorsing the Declaration, the WCFA publicly commits:

• To work jointly and put full energy into bringing people together to make a healthier world possible towards a harmonious shift to a viable, better future;
• To shoulder responsibility through reliable information and communications;
• To call for equal protection for all, strongly affirming that everyone deserves the same protection regardless of race, origin, gender, group, or status;
• To play a full part in accompanying our communities in a critical transition to a new way of life, one that respects nature and the resources she gives us
• To open, transparent and honest communications, free from fear and hatred, fostering a global, participatory, inclusive conversation, unwrapping unexpected opportunities in this uncertain world;
• To honour the power of active listening, lively and inclusive dialogue helping our communities and humanity build a healthier, viable, better world.

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