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The World Communications Forum Association (WCFA) has announced that as a result of the Russian invasion of neighboring Ukraine, unfortunately, it will discontinue all business contacts with Russian organizations, as well as individuals associated with the Russian government.

The WCFA Executive Committee and the Global Advisory Board decided to indefinitely halt cooperating with Russian institutions. This decision is congruent with the EU sanctions against Russia. Those sanctions were also adopted by the Swiss Federal Council and many other national and international authorities and institutions.

Driven by the belief that international law and human rights must always be respected, the WCFA will impose the following restrictions on Russian companies, institutions, as well as individuals associated with the Russian government:

• WCFA will not accept and approve memberships
• WCFA will terminate partnerships
• WCFA will not accept entries for Davos Communications or any other WCFA Awards
• WCFA will not support or participate in any initiatives
• WCFA will not allow participation in the association’s events, summits, or webinars
• WCFA will not distribute provided content through its media channels, social media accounts, or website

This decision reflects WCFA’s commitment to creating a good environment for positive changes in the world through better communication. Due to the uniquely global nature of its members, WCFA is a brand that is continuously giving shape to its mission of communication sans boundaries, geographical or ideological.

WCFA welcomes its members and PR professionals around the world to volunteer in communications activities to support Ukraine and those affected by the war, aiming to promote peace, real democracy, deliver justice, and develop moral values. The main focus of voluntary activities must be on creating public awareness and promoting credible information, independent journalism, refugee support, fundraising, volunteering, and social, cultural, economic, and business continuity.

We value the professional work of our colleagues in Russia, their input throughout the years in WCFA. We have true friends and dear colleagues in Russia and we wish that their country soon ends this terrible situation. We also wish them to put all their possible efforts into the war to stop immediately. We really hope soon to restore our relations with them.

Some WCFA members are already providing pro bono communications and public relations services to support the people of Ukraine. If you would like to volunteer then please contact