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Global PR Experts Join Panel Discussions at Online WCFA Summit - February 25, 3 pm CET on Zoom

Global PR Experts Join Panel Discussions at Online WCFA Summit - February 25, 3 pm CET on Zoom

World Communications Forum Association, registered in Davos is the organizer of the main global annual event Davos Online Communications Summit, which will take place on Zoom, February 25, Thursday from 3 pm to 7.30 pm CET. The title of the Summit is Leadership During Turbulent Times.

The global event is bringing together several outstanding professional speakers from different parts of the world who will participate in thought-provoking virtual panel discussions on contemporary topics on leadership and ethics in modern and post-pandemic communications, education, the merge between PR, Advertising and Digital, and the future of the industry.

Among participants are great global names in the modern PR like Maxim Behar (President of WCFA), the keynote speakers Barbara Bates (Global CEO of Hotwire), Karen van Bergen (Global Dean of Omnicom University) and Jordan Rittenberry (CEO of Edelman Africa), and the panelists - Yanina Dubeykovskaya, Saurabh Uboweja, Solly Moeng, Lesley Schroeder Mclean, Hesham Mesbah, Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri, Tatevik Simonyan, Christina Forsgard, Zsofia Lakatos, Sjaak Koole, Michael Schroeder, Justin Green, Peter Mutie, Mai Anh Le.

There is also a Facebook event for the Summit, where you can find the full program:

The First Davos Online Communications Summit on Zoom April 2020, organized by the World Communication Forum Association and moderated by the President of the Association Maxim Behar, was a huge success gathering more than 145 participants from 41 countries from all continents - Europe, Asia, and Latin America.