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WCFA and World PR Day Join Efforts in Developing the PR industry

WCFA and World PR Day Join Efforts in Developing the PR industry

WCFA joined the global initiative the World PR Day (WPRD) as an official Partner to educate its members and followers about the Public Relations practice, as well as the importance of truth, trust, and transparency and supporting all WPRD 2022 planned activities.

WPRD is a global community of public relations and communications professionals coming together to celebrate the power of influence and potential of PR. It presents a unified global agenda towards making the world understand and utilize the industry better.

In 2021, the influential community launched the first edition of the annual event The World PR Day, celebrated on July 16 every year, to forge a global agenda of enlightening the world about the nobility and misconceptions around public relations. The event witnessed participation from thousands of practitioners, organisations, and public observers.

Themed “Trust, Truth and Transparency”, the second edition of The World PR Day presents another opportunity for professionals to put forward a unified global agenda and propel each other to answer a call of duty, help stakeholders to communicate more responsibly and be more deliberate about using public relations to build, innovate and develop.

WCFA President Maxim Behar said: "We are happy to support the initiative World PR Day and join the new tradition of celebrating the public relations practice and its impact annually on July 16.  It is a great honour for our Association to be part of such global contribution to our profession and raise our voices in the age of total transparency generated by social media, which is only going to make our industry "cleaner"."

All PR practitioners are welcome to join WPRD here and become WCFA Member here.