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WCFA Welcomes Four New Members

WCFA Welcomes Four New Members

The World Communications Forum Association is welcoming four high-profile PR experts as new Individual Members who are ready to be pro-active and contribute to the development of the modern public communications worldwide.

These four newcomers are:

Anahit Gevorgyan (Armenia) - Anahit is a public relations professional with more than 8 years of experience in strategic communications. She is PR & Communication Director at Yeremyan Projects, one of the leaders in the food service industry, restaurant businesses, hospitality and tourism, professional education, agriculture, and food production in Armenia. She has a working experience in NGO sector, working with "MISSION ARMENIA" Charitable NGO as a PR Manager in the framework of USAID funded project. Anahit is also an experienced news reporter and journalist.

Dorcas Aba Annan (Ghana) - Dorcas is the Managing Director, Ghana & Global Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Abjel Communications. She has over 10 years experience in public relations, event planning and management, media relations, crisis & perception management, media relations & monitoring, social media and website management, advertising and content creation. She is the Founder of the NABA Life Foundation - a Ghana-based NGO helping the less privileged.

Mariam Safaryan (Armenia) - Mariam is a public relations professional with more than 14 years experience in strategic communications and media relations. She is the PR Director of SPRING PR, Armenia-based award-winning public relations and research company. Her work led SPRING PR to great success in winning IPRA Golden World Awards 2021 and WCFA Digital PR Awards 2021. Mariam is also one of the global expert judges of WCFA Best PR Leader Regional Awards 2022. For 7 years she lectured at Armenian universities on Corporate PR & Media Relations, Social Research Methods in Public Relations, Personal Branding Communications.

Valeria Tudor (Romania) - Valeria is the Founder & Owner of The House PR Agency, the first Romanian communication agency that has launched its own global network of international consultants - The House Extension. She is the Managing Creative Director at Acceptable Studio and a long-term volunteer for the NGO "Let's Do It, Romania!"

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