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Maxim Behar Talks About Effective PR Practices in 2023 at a WCFA PR Masterclass

Maxim Behar Talks About Effective PR Practices in 2023 at a WCFA PR Masterclass

The leading PR expert and WCFA President Maxim Behar was the speaker of the next PR Masterclass, held by WCFA online. He gave his expertise on the effective PR practices in 2023 and important changes in business worldwide.

The masterclass brought together a great audience of students, beginners and industry professionals from around the world. It was part of a series of lectures by industry experts organised by the WCFA. 

During his lecture, Behar talked about the changes that have occurred in the PR business globally as a result of the pandemic, what are the successful tactics to develop a successful business in the industry and how to meet the current needs of your clients, the rapid shift from traditional to digitized ways of working, and how to gain leadership skills.

"The PR business is changing every day and the most successful formula for growth in today's modern social media world is to be precise, transparent and proactive in our work. Due to the global pandemic and economic crisis, our clients need quick solutions, innovative ideas and most of all sales,said Maxim Behar.

Maxim Behar is the founder and CEO of the Bulgarian leading PR company M3 Communication Group, Inc., partner of the world's largest PR corporation Hill+Knowlton Strategies. He is a former ICCO President, currently serving as ICCO International Growth Chair. He was appointed as International Fellow of PRCA, President of the WCFA, and Advisory Board Member of one of the most influential European universities ENGAGE.EU. Maxim has been inducted into the Global PR Hall of Fame in London and awarded many titles, among them Best PR Professional in Europe for 2020 and 2022 by PR Week, Global CEO of the Year by The International Stevie Awards, and Communicator of the Decade by the Indian Association of Business Communications. His book The Global PR Revolution was ranked among the Top 100 Best PR Books of All Time by Book Authority and also made a bestselling record among new PR books on Amazon. 

The next WCFA PR Masterclass will be held on March 15, 2023.