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Global PR Professionals Meet at WCFA General Assembly 2023

Global PR Professionals Meet at WCFA General Assembly 2023

The WCFA Annual General Assembly is the main policy-making organ of the Association and welcomes all members and candidate members to exchange ideas on how to further develop the PR business. It provides a unique networking opportunity for communications specialist around the globe to connect and discuss the full spectrum of interenational collaborations.

This year the General Assembly was held on April 6, 2 p.m. CET on Zoom. All successful events, awarding programs, media relations and overall achievements launched by the WCFA in 2022 were reported. The President Maxim Behar also presented the 2023 calendar of planned events for 2023 and encouraged all attendees to join forces with WCFA and be proactive in shaping the future of modern Public Relations.

During the meeting all members approved the re-election of Mrs. Mina Nazari, based in Iran, to continue her service as an external Controller on key Executive Committee matters.