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HSA PR Joins WCFA as Corporate Member

HSA PR Joins WCFA as Corporate Member

The African public relations company HSA PR joined the World Communications Forum Association as a Corporate Member aiming to connect with professionals from all around the world and position itself on the top of the market.

HSA PR is a Public Relations and Communications company operating in Ghana and the United States. The company specializes in capturing the essence of brands, personalities, organization and entities and have supported corporations, law firms, educational institutions, politicians and executives with various services.

Collectively, the team of HSA PR have over 20 years of experience in public relations, marketing and communications across the continent and around the world. They have a deep understanding of the business culture, economic drivers and key characteristics among the various demographics and markets in Ghana, the surrounding regions and across the continent. The company also have extensive experience with multi-layered connections to most of the major corporate, governmental and regulatory institutions that are critical to conducting successful business in the region.

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