On behalf of the World Communications Forum Association, we invite you to enter the great Best PR Leader – 2022 Regional Awards. Public Relations is the most dynamic business in the world that overcame adversity at every turn. Even when faced with global crisis, our community will still rise to the challenge of creating meaningful work that advances the PR profession and its followers. And the most important mission of the Best PR Leader Awards is to find all hidden gems that have the power to change and improve the communications business globally. Being acknowledged for your outstanding achievements is a big thrill and motivates you to think even bigger for your next amazing ventures. If you are a PR expert who operates at the forefront of modern PR, apply now and win the most deserved award in your professional career.
Francis Ingham

Francis Ingham

Jury Chair,
Best PR Leader - 2022 Regional Awards

Francis Ingham
Maxim Behar

Maxim Behar

World Communications Forum Association

Maxim Behar


The World Communications Forum Association is hosting its first Best PR Leader – 2022 Regional Awards - the visionaries who improve the communications industry from each corner of the world. These awards are location-specific and are open to public relations professionals who have shown outstanding performance, made a significant contribution to the industry, their organisations and can prove their campaigns have had a measurable effect. The expert judges will seek for individuals who present strong leadership skills, creativity and innovation, valuable contribution to society, high business performance, adaptability in the face of unforeseen challenges, and the development of talent and the industry. The award categories fall under different key regions, so take a look and see if there’s one for you. And with bronze, silver and gold awards being handed out, your chances are even higher for walking home with an award.

Please note there’s a discount on the entry fee for WCFA members.

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10 JANUARY 2023


Award accolades are the most cost-effective form of marketing that begins from the moment you submit your entry – press releases, placements on international media, blogs, social media announcements, connection with global industry experts.

Of course, you’ll receive a glamorous trophy and certificate, but winning an award gives you so much more:

  • Global recognition of your expertise
  • Stronger positioning against your competitors
  • Greater awareness and exposure of your brand
  • Increased credibility and trust
  • Strengthen business relationships
  • Enhances clients’ retention and loyalty
  • More publicity opportunities



*Participants from transcontinental countries are allowed to participate in the categories of both continents their country’s territory spans.

  • Africa Best PR Leader
  • Asia-Pacific Best PR Leader
    (incl. Australia)
  • Europe Best PR Leader
    (incl. the United Kingdom)
  • Middle East Best PR Leader
  • North America Best PR Leader
  • South America Best PR Leader



Jury Chair
Francis Ingham

Director General, PRCA; Chief Executive, ICCO

United Kingdom

James Wright

Global CEO, Red Havas & Global Chairman, Havas PR Global Collective

United States

Paul J. Oyier

Senior Communications Advisor & Alternate Director, Cabinet Secretary, National Treasury & Planning


Sergii Bidenko

Co-founder and Chairman, UPRA; Board Member, ICCO; Director & Owner, Bayka.Agency