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Raina Lazarova



Raina Lazarova is a communications and measurement professional, and a frequent speaker and writer on topics of media intelligence, media measurement and evaluation, media industry, copyright, PR and Communications, leadership, entrepreneurship, B2B, customer experience. The main topics she covers are:

  • How to design an outcome-based media measurement programme for the private and public sector.
  • Value over vanity: the pitfalls of measuring media outputs in a communications setting.
  • The impact of AI on the PR and Communications, and Media industries.
  • How to start up a business and build your first team. How to build a business for growth, how to scale up your business.
  • How the B2C world impacts customer expectations and experience in a B2B setting.
Language: English


Raina Lazarova is the Co-Founder and COO of Ruepoint – a global media intelligence provider, helping PR & Communications professionals demonstrate the value of their work through data-driven media insights, and an outcome-based approach to media measurement and evaluation. With over 15 years of experience in the media intelligence space, Raina has been recognised as a respected professional and thought leader, focusing on promoting value-based media measurement in communication and highlighting the importance of humanity, compassion and attention to customer experience in B2B. Raina is on the Board of Directors of AMEC (The International Association of Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) and is frequently invited as speaker at conferences, webinars and masterclasses.