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Edgar Amirkhanyan



Edgar Amirkhanyan is actively involved in working across a variety of global projects within the Ministry of Labor and Social of RA. With his extensive 12 years experience in the field of Public Relations and Media Producing, he can cover these main topics:

  •         How to create a media products for business
  •         PR VS Marketing
  •         How to create a creative content
  •         PR Plannings and Event Management
  •         Media for Social Entrepreneurs  
Language: English


Edgar Amirkhanyan is an exceptionally motivated and enthusiastic communications professional, with 12 years’ experience in Communications and Public Relations, Media Producing. In his current role as Head of Public Relations and Marketing department at Eurasia International University and Public Radio of Armenia, he has systematized the work and cooperative projects with the European Broadcast Union, European universities and completed them successfully. He. As the former adviser coordinating certain functions in structural divisions, he have systematized all the media projects of the Minister and Ministry with both local and international organizations, such as the EU, UNICEF ARMENIA, USAID, UNDP, UNFPA, and World Vision, manifold local and International NGOs. He has graduated in Business Administration at the Russian-Armenian University.