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Mina Nazari



Mina Nazari extensive experience includes numerous articles and accolades such as Honorary member of Iranian Public Relations Association, Top expert in field of PR in the 12th festival of the best of Iranian Public Relations, Top PR expert in Province of East Azerbaijan and Top woman expert in field of PR in the first national women's conference of Iran. The main topics she covers are:

  • Social Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • AL in Public relations
  • EQ in public relations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Health Communication
Language: Azerbaijani, Persian. English, Turkish


Mina Nazari is a global communication sciences researcher and public relations expert and writer. She is one of three most influential figures in Public Relations in Iran. Mina Nazari is the winner of GWA 2017- Sofia – Bulgaria and has more than 20 Scientific and Research articles paper in Global conferences in field of communication and public relations. Mina is the General manager of Public Relations at the International Rug football federation since 2019, as well as the Vice Chairman of Professionals communications sciences Association in East Azerbaijan from 2013 till 2015. She has master’s degree and PhD in Communication sciences.