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Welcome to World Communications Forum Association!

If you want your corporation or firm to become a full member, please fill the application form below, click "submit" and kindly pay your corporate annual fees via bank transfer or or PayPal.

There are plenty of advantages to become a corporate member, please read the text below carefully!

All WCFA members have special discounted price to participate in Davos Communications Awards!

Thank you and welcome to the great professional Global Think-tank of communications experts!

WCFA Membership Team


- Admission of one member for an in-person event, whether global or regional. 
- For members from the same company for every 3 members who have paid, every fourth member is free and will be scaled for more participation
- One-page ad in the Davos Communications Forum Catalogue/ Brochure
- Company case studies, as appropriate, will be featured on WCFA’s blog and/or newsletter upon request
- Three admission tickets for participants from the company for WCFA Educational courses 
- Logo and link to the company website on the WCFA website
- News from the company/ corporate member on WCFA website (news section) as submitted by members. 
- Unlimited postings of job advertisements on WCFA’s blog and/or newsletter for member organizations.
- Business referrals
- Other exclusive benefits for senior members of member organizations such as award judging, speaking opportunities at events, etc.

Access to knowledge exchange and exclusive events  
WCFA members benefit from a valuable sharing of knowledge with leaders from the world's major public relations and communication organizations and Institutions around the world. Members will receive invitations networking meetings, private round tables with senior thought leaders, strategic introductions with other members, and invitations to the Annual WCFA Global Online Summits. Members have priority on our year-round knowledge exchange platforms, including the proposed WCFA Digital series, with webinars, podcasts and live interviews with key leaders in the industry.

Participation in a global community 
Members will have access to all other members and thus will be part of a global contact database., This partnership is extremely valuable as it gives opportunities for all members, regardless of their discipline to participate both in global and local programs outside the framework of WCFA. 

Certification and presence
Each full corporate member will receive an online (to be printed locally) certificate with company name which will be listed on the official WCFA website.

Collaborative setting of standards
WCFA members will have a voice in setting standards in ethics, education, credentials and measurement. These standards are based on our members and professional and educational affiliations of the WCFA. WCFA’s Tenets for Ethical Communications are inserted here, and these Tenets are embraced by our membership. 

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