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If you are a an institutional representative, please fill the application form below, click "submit" and kindly pay your institutional annual fees either via bank transfer or PayPal.

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WCFA Membership Team

The Institutional Membership is open to a diverse range of institutions, including universities, academic organizations, research bodies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), interested in expanding their network and promoting professional communication standards worldwide.


- Online certificate enhancing brand visibility and credibility.
- Complimentary access for one member at global or regional in-person events.
- Showcasing of institution's case studies/news on WCFA's prominent platforms.
- Exclusive access to educational courses and networking events.
- Discounted fees for global events and awarding programs for maximum 3 members of the institution.
- Increased visibility through the display of the institution's logo, bio and website link.
- Unlimited job advertisement postings for member institutions.
- Privileges for senior members, including award judging and speaking opportunities.

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