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ELES Became WCFA Corporate Member

ELES Became WCFA Corporate Member

The electricity transmission system operator of Slovenia ELES became a Corporate Member of the World Communication Forum Association, based in Davos, Switzerland.

ELES is a government owned system operator who has the exclusive right to perform the service of a transmission network system operator in the Republic of Slovenia. The Corporate Public Relations of ELES and the ELES Group have been under the care of Katja FaĊĦink. Since 2017 and up to 2020 she has reached more than 33 million people by communicating on a state and international level.

In recent years, ELES has been devoting a lot of resources and energy to the implementation of strategic innovation activities, fulfilling its commitments to the transition to a carbon-free society. During the COVID-19 pandemic the company received the first two awards in the world for the best smart grid projects granted by the international association ISGAN. The awards were for excellence in the field of innovation, integration and transformation of smart grid systems. Since 2009 until now ELES has generated an outstanding EUR 449.3 million of positive impacts/savings for the country and their electricity consumers, and has received four awards for Best Annual Report, awarded by the Finance Business Academy.

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