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BOD Consulting Became WCFA Corporate Member

BOD Consulting Became WCFA Corporate Member

The India-based BOD Consulting joined the World Communication Forum Association as a Corporate Member, with a mission to be a strategic partner that supports the community in the development of modern communications trends and building core capabilities.

BOD partners with mid-size companies to solve their most pressing business challenges, unlock value creation and implement transformative solutions to help them compete sustainably at the highest level. It works closely with the leadership team and at all levels of client organizations to help them carve out their growth roadmap and vision, generate new sources of equity creation, steer organizational transformation and drive change through intensive stakeholder engagement & professional development.

The company is focused on generating key business outcomes for its clients – creation of valuable brand assets, cost reduction, enhancing shareholder value, business growth, market share growth and higher profits, all the while being mindful of the impact it is creating.

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