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As a result of First Davos Online Communications Summit,  World Communications Forum Association initiated a document showing our wish and desire to develop sustainable and ethical business. The participants in The Summit agreed that modern communications require much stronger involvement of ethics and transparency, fight with fake news and full guarantee of the quality and truth of the content we create. Here is the full text of the Tenets of Responsible and  Ethical Communications. Initially the documents is signed by 60 communications professionals from 36 countries from all continents.   Please join all of them and if you want your name and country to be available under the Tenets,... » Read more
WCFA President with 5 forecasts about the future of the industry A significant number of the different industries worldwide are blocked and many of them might not start again with the products they have made so far. On the other hand, services, although secondary business and dependent on industries, investment, and trading, seem to be able to adapt to new conditions quickly. The PR business will have some brand new elements which have long been ready to happen and have now gotten an unexpected and irreversible acceleration 1. During its ICCO Summit in 2015, some five years ago, speakers forecasted that in the future 70 percent of the public relations business activities will be done f... » Read more