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WCFA - USA Trip 2018

WCFA Travels Throughout America Visit the offices of the most important American political, PR, SM and educational organizations in Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco. Microsoft; Amazon; Nintendo; Boeing; Gates Foundation; Facebook's Seattle o...

WCF Geneva 2018 - Power of Communication

WCF’s 8-year story goes on! Join the next, 9th annual edition of: WORD COMMUNICATION FORUM - THE POWER OF COMMUNICATION Geneva, 21-22 March, 2018 To be held again in Geneva, continuing with persistence and perseverance to tap on the most imp...

WCFA Assembly 2018

WCFA Association's Annual Assembly20 March, 2018 (For WCFA members only!) Location: Geneva, SwitzerlnadVenue: to be announced! Association's agenda 2018 - voting and approval Board Elections 2018 - voting and approval

WCFA - USA Trip 2017

WCFA travels throughout America with:Sean Gardner, Twitter millionaire*, SM influencer and Huffington Post blogger Modern communication was invented in the United States of America and from there it spread over the whole world. Those American guys...

Global Touch - PR Museum, New York, 2017

Optional Special Session: WCFA's Global Touch - at the PR Museum in New York! In cooperation with the PR Museum and Baruch College! A session dedicated to the global history of the public relations industry, held in partnership with the PR Museum in...

Global Touch - Fake News 2017

WCFA Global Touch | Fake News 2 events and 1 interview+coffee-chats: July-August, 2017Locations: South Africa, Brazil, Netherlands, Moscow   DISCUSSION on FAKE NEWSJuly 3, 2017, Cape Town, South Africa A critical discussion of Fake News i...

WCFA Assembly 2017

WCFA Executive Board 2017 Elections at the WCFA's annual assembly on 13 March! For just two years of existence and development, the World Communication Forum Association (WCFA) has attracted and unites a global family of individual and corporat...