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Masterclass: Web3 Brand Communication with Denisa Juna – April 8, 2 pm CET, Zoom

WCFA is thrilled to present our upcoming PR Masterclass led by Denisa Juna, the innovative Founder & CEO of Pyxis.media, a pioneering Tech PR agency. With a proven track record in bringing Web3 concepts to life, Denisa is set to enlighten attendees on navigating the dynamic landscape of Web3 brand communication.

Join us on:
- Monday, April 8, at 2 p.m. CET
- Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/6252668357
- Register for free here!

In this exclusive masterclass, Denisa will delve into the theme of "Web3 Brand Communication: Trust, Engagement, and Success", offering invaluable insights and strategies to empower your clients in the digital era.

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:
- Understanding the Landscape: Shift from Web2 to Web3
- PR Challenges: Adapting strategies from Web2 to Web3 with practical examples
- Audience Understanding: Delving into both Web2 and Web3 communities for effective targeting.
- Exploring centralized and decentralized channels with practical examples.
- Trustworthy Messaging: Emphasizing transparency to build trust in Web3.
- Case Studies: Examining successful and unsuccessful PR strategies in Web3.

About Denisa Juna:
Denisa Juna, a Swiss PR expert and entrepreneur, is the Founder & CEO of Pyxis.media, a modern Tech PR agency. With a team of over 45 experts spanning the globe, the company has headquarters in Prague, London, and Zug. Denisa established the agency from scratch with a vision of running it fully remotely, providing her team with both freedom and significant responsibility. Her leadership has attracted top-tier clients from both traditional and cutting-edge tech sectors, including notable names like ESET, TRON, SatoshiLabs, Woltair, and Logitech. Her agency fosters partnerships with clients based on absolute trust and mutual cooperation, where both parties are committed to achieving their goals without excuses. Denisa's background includes serving as a spokesperson for a leading Czech tech retailer and holding a Master’s degree in Marketing and Public Relations. Currently, she's focused on ZIA, a startup aimed at integrating Web3 technology into daily life, and has recently started sharing her knowledge about it on TikTok.

Masterclass: Web3 Brand Communication with Denisa Juna – April 8, 2 pm CET, Zoom

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